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B-12 Injections Tampa

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B-12 Injections at Elixir Aesthetics in Tampa, Florida

Vitamin B-12 is a crucial energy-boosting vitamin that is key to keeping our bodies ready for our fast-paced lives. At Elixir Aesthetics, we offer Vitamin B-12 injections to quickly and easily improve your body’s natural levels so that you are ready to conquer it all. Learn about our Tampa B-12 Injections at your appointment at Elixir Aesthetics in Tampa, FL.

Boosting Energy and Immunity

What is Vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin that helps our bodies run effectively. It aids your body in producing red blood cells, converting food into energy, and keeping the immune and nervous systems healthy. Without proper Vitamin B-12 levels, your energy, metabolism, and sleep suffer. Your body does not produce Vitamin B-12 naturally. We get Vitamin-B12 through consumption of animal protein such as meat, dairy, fish, and eggs. Many of us, whether we eat meat or not, are deficient in Vitamin B-12 and can benefit from supplementation.

Active and Preventative

What can B-12 Injections do?

B-12 Injections are used to maintain a healthy amount of the essential building-block in the body. This allows for improved energy and concentration, efficient metabolism, better mood, a more robust immune system, a healthy nervous system, and deep restful sleep. When you feel good, you look good. Our providers at Elixir Aesthetics are here to help you achieve both your beauty and health goals.

B-12 Injections Tampa

B-12 Injections at Elixir Aesthetics

In our fast-paced world, we need our bodies working at their full potential. Elixir Aesthetics conveniently offers B-12 Injections in Tampa to give your mind and body the boost it needs for improved energy and mood, a faster metabolism, an active immune system, and restful sleep. Vitamin B-12 injections are quick and easy to combine with any other Elixir Aesthetics treatment in your comprehensive plan.

B-12 Injections Tampa

Feel Great, Look Great

Vitamin B-12 Injection Consultation

At Elixir Aesthetics, we want you to feel beautiful and energized, healthy and ready to conquer life. During your comprehensive consultation, we will discuss a customized treatment plan to keep you healthy and maintain your natural beauty. Vitamin B-12 Injections are commonly added onto our other treatments but also available as a stand-alone appointment. You do not need to reserve an additional appointment time for B-12 injections if you are scheduled with one of our nurse practitioners for another procedure.

B-12 Injection Preparation and Procedure

After disinfecting the treatment area, your Vitamin B-12 injection will be administered via a thin needle into your arm, thigh, or buttocks. You may feel a slight pinch, but the pain should be minimal.

B-12 Injections Tampa

The Easy Way to Stay Healthy

Vitamin B-12 Injection Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

The injection site may be red or sore for the first twenty-four hours. Within a few days, with sufficient vitamin B-12 now available, your body will start producing new red blood and nerve cells, and you will start to feel the benefits of more energy and improved focus. Most clients benefit from monthly injections for continued improvement. Those with a significant deficiency may benefit from more frequent treatments. To learn more about our B-12 Injections Tampa patients should call us at (813) 219-1876 to schedule a consultation.

B-12 InjectionFrequently Asked Questions

Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin. That means your body absorbs only as much as it needs, and any excess passes through your urine.

Vitamin B-12 injections may cause redness, bruising, and tenderness at the injection site. B-12 injections may have the potential to interact with other medications, discuss all medications you are taking with your provider.

At Elixir Aesthetics, we charge $35 when combining B-12 Injections with another procedure. For a stand-alone Vitamin B-12 appointment, the investment is $50.

At Elixir Aesthetics, we believe that beauty is not created but cultivated. We offer thoughtful care using approaches based on biology to highlight the gorgeous hues, textures, and contours that make up you. Our highly-experienced providers merge artistry with science to activate your skin’s hidden potential and summon your inner glow. Discover the path to better skin by booking your first appointment today. We look forward to helping you uncover your most radiant self.

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