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Microneedlingin Tampa, FL

Microneedling Tampa

Unparalleled Treatment

Microneedling in Tampa at Elixir Aesthetics

At Elixir Aesthetics, we take microneedling to the next level with a customized approach tailored to your specific skin needs. Enjoy the collagen-induction benefits of a SkinPen microneedling treatment paired with the infusion of medical-grade vitamins, serums, growth factors, and exosomes to build healthy skin. We often end our Tampa Microneedling treatments with a hydrating post-procedure mask to calm the skin and speed your healing, so you can look forward to smooth skin with less downtime.

The Magic of Microneedling

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling utilizes a medical-grade mechanical device, like SkinPen, with multiple microneedles that gently penetrate the surface of the skin to promote collagen and elastin production leading to a smoother skin surface. The precise channels created by the microneedling treatment signal your body to start the skin repair process - sending out growth factors to create new healthy collagen and elastin. This process helps maintain the skin’s strength, smooths lines and wrinkles, and diminishes acne scars and pores.

Smoothing and Enhancing

What can Microneedling do?

Microneedling is an excellent treatment to maintain a healthy skin surface. Those without major concerns enjoy the preventive benefits of collagen-stimulation. Microneedling is also used to effectively address fine lines, thinning skin, acne and surgical scars, pigmentation, and pores. It is an excellent option for stimulating collagen in the delicate skin around the eyes. Schedule your microneedling consultation with Elixir Aesthetics to find out how our experienced aesthetic specialists can improve your skin with a fully customized treatment with Microneedling in Tampa.

Microneedling Tampa

Microneedling at Elixir Aesthetics

At Elixir Aesthetics, we customize every treatment to address your specific skin concerns - from maintenance to correction. Your aesthetic specialist will determine how to target your problem areas effectively with a unique combination of serums, growth factors, and exosomes during your Microneedling treatment.

Microneedling Tampa

Personalized Perfection

Microneedling Consultation

During your consultation, your aesthetic provider will discuss your overall skin concerns and both short and long-term goals. Although almost anyone can benefit from microneedling, we will ensure that your customized aesthetic plan effectively meets your expectations, from consultation to recovery.

Simple Steps

Microneedling Preparation and Procedure

Please arrive at your procedure without makeup. Prior to the procedure, a topical numbing ointment may be applied to improve the minor discomfort. After thoroughly cleaning the treatment area, your provider will gently use the Microneedling device to precisely create thousands of microchannels in the skin, while delivering the selected products. We often apply a post-procedure mask to calm and hydrate the skin, reducing your downtime.

Microneedling Tampa

Continued Improvement

Microneedling Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

After you receive Microneedling Tampa patients should expect their skin to be slightly red and swollen. This typically subsides significantly over the next 24 hours. You may experience a mild and transient skin peeling. Sunscreen and makeup may be applied the next day. Avoid any irritating skin care products for three to five days as your skin recovers. You will see continued improvements slowly over time as your skin builds new collagen and elastin in response to the treatment. Full results take four to eight weeks.

Maintaining your Microneedling results

For preventive collagen-stimulation benefits, single microneedling treatments can be performed periodically to signal your skin to grow new collagen and elastin. For corrective use, an initial series of Microneedling sessions with continued maintenance treatments is recommended. Your Elixir Aesthetics provider will discuss personalized recommendations to obtain and maintain your desired results.

MicroneedlingFrequently Asked Questions

Microneedling is very tolerable with a topical numbing ointment applied prior to the procedure. You may feel a slight vibration or scratching sensation, but overall pain is minimal. Please arrive 30 minutes early for a topical numbing ointment application.

In the hands of an experienced provider, microneedling is a safe aesthetic treatment that comes with very few risks. Transient redness, inflammation, and peeling is expected. Microneedling possesses very rare risks of infection, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

At Elixir Aesthetics, each Microneedling treatment is tailored to your individual needs. The cost varies depending on what areas are treated and what customized blend of topical ingredients are used. Your aesthetic specialist will discuss your investment and package options at your consultation. Investment starts at $425 for an individual treatment and $1200 for package options.

At Elixir Aesthetics, we believe that beauty is not created but cultivated. We offer thoughtful care using approaches based on biology to highlight the gorgeous hues, textures, and contours that make up you. Our highly-experienced providers merge artistry with science to activate your skin’s hidden potential and summon your inner glow. Discover the path to better skin by booking your first appointment today. We look forward to helping you uncover your most radiant self.

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