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BroadBand Light Treatments in Tampa, FL

Broadband Light Treatments Tampa

Young and Vibrant Skin

BroadBand Light Treatments at Elixir Aesthetics in Tampa, FL

Breathe fresh life into dull, aged, acne-prone, or discolored skin with leading-edge non-invasive technology from Sciton. Whether you want to turn up your skin's glow or achieve a more evenly toned complexion, BroadBand Light Treatments with state-of-the-art technology by Sciton can address nearly every pigmentary or minor textural concern with virtually no downtime.

Clinically-Proven Technology

What is Broadband Light (BBL)?

BBL Laser Treatments harnesses high-intensity pulsed light energy to quickly and efficiently heat the skin layers, stimulating cell renewal and lightening pigmented lesions to achieve a visibly brighter, age-defying complexion. It is also known as a photo-facial or photo-rejuvenation. Sciton BBL is a revolutionary intense pulsed light (IPL) system featuring dual lamps and quick-change filters that address specific skin concerns. This minimally invasive treatment revitalizes the skin at a molecular level to improve brown spots and diffuse redness, acne, and skin laxity.

BBL Laser Treatments at Elixir Aesthetics

The highly trained aesthetic providers at Elixir Aesthetics in Tampa offer minimally invasive broadband light therapy to renew and revitalize the skin of clients battling everything from dark spots and sun damage to rosacea, facial vessels, acne, and scars. With the advanced BBL HERO technology, our Elixir Aesthetics providers are able to customize your treatment session with an array of filter attachments and deliver energy quickly to optimize your treatment outcomes.

Schedule your consultation at Elixir Aesthetics to discover the powerful benefits of BroadBand Light Treatments in Tampa.

Broadband Light Treatments Tampa

Revitalized & Refreshed

What can Sciton BBL do?


For the ultimate glow, Sciton BBL HERO eradicates pigmented lesions and redness for a brighter, smoother complexion. HERO, which stands for High Energy Rapid Output, boasts powerful cooling for a maximally comfortable treatment compared to standard BBL. Because the light is emitted in a rapid sequence with the advanced HERO technology, our Elixir Aesthetics providers are able to deliver high amounts of total energy to the skin at lightning speed without sacrificing effectiveness or comfort.

BBL HERO - Forever Young

Freckles, spider veins, redness, sun damage, and acne on the face and body are no match for Sciton Forever Young BBL. With a complete Forever Young treatment, clients receive anti-aging benefits at a molecular level, in addition to the corrective benefits in pigment and redness. With just three BBL HERO Forever Young maintenance treatments a year, the skin cells essentially halt the aging process, leading to a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. Treatments are quick and comfortable, with no to minimal downtime.

Forever Clear BBL

The Sciton Forever Clear filter applies blue, yellow, and infrared light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria for fewer angry bumps and breakouts. It helps tame inflammation and redness to clear up existing acne and prevents future blemishes. The Forever Clear BBL treatments are completed in a sequence a few weeks apart, with occasional maintenance treatments to control ongoing acne.


Sciton SkinTyte is Elixir Aesthetics' preferred solution for mild skin laxity. This powerful, non-invasive infrared light treatment for the face, neck, and body visibly tightens crepe-like skin, improving fine lines and boosting collagen production. SkinTyte treatments are completed in a series with occasional maintenance treatments to continue to improve the skin's elasticity.

Broadband Light Treatments Tampa

Personalized Radiance

BroadBand Light Treatments Consultation

During an in-depth aesthetic assessment, our Elixir Aesthetics providers will examine your skin type and concerns to determine if our Tampa BroadBand Light Treatments are appropriate for you and how to incorporate them into the overall aesthetic treatment plan. Typically, two to three initial sessions are recommended, then periodic maintenance treatments to continue to produce ongoing benefits.

At Elixir Aesthetics, we believe beautiful skin is cultivated with regular maintenance. Our clients put their trust in us to help them unveil their skin's optimal health through personally curated MedSpa treatments and skincare regimes.

Broadband Light Treatments Tampa

Effective & Efficient

BBL Laser Preparation and Procedure

To prepare for your BBL Laser Treatment Tampa patients will be advised to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and any form of sunless/self-tanners for two weeks before treatment. You will have to stop applying retin-A, tretinoin, or retinols to the treatment area during the week leading up to treatment. Notify your provider if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions that cause you to be more light-sensitive.

Arrive at your appointment without creams or makeup in the desired treatment area. At Elixir Aesthetics, our primary goal is to ensure that every treatment is as comfortable as can be. Although not required, topical anesthetic ointment is available. Please arrive for your appointment at least 30 minutes early for preparation, including the use of topical anesthetic ointment if needed. Because of the unique energy delivery system, BroadBand Light Treatments are relatively painless and fast.

Minimal Downtime with BroadBand Light Treatments

Within minutes to hours, the initial post-treatment warmth and redness calms, and most clients feel comfortable resuming their typical daily routine. During the first few days, clients may experience mild redness, swelling, or tenderness, depending on the intensity of your BBL treatment. Typically, brown spots slightly darken for the first few days until they naturally fade about a week later with normal cell turnover. While your skin is healing, it is imperative to avoid direct sun exposure, exfoliants, saunas, and excessive sweating.

Maintaining Your Sciton BBL Results

After completing the recommended number of sessions, BroadBand Light Treatments are excellent maintenance treatments to continue periodically to halt the aging process of the skin cells, whether you have pigment to treat or not. At Elixir Aesthetics, a well-rounded aesthetic plan typically includes a bi-annual Sciton BBL treatment in addition to a quality skincare regimen complete with daily sunscreen.

Sciton BBL Frequently Asked Questions

Because BroadBand Light Treatments are clinically proven to halt the aging of the skin cells, they are beneficial to the skin at a cellular level, whether you have pigmentary issues or not. The treatment also has corrective benefits for those with hyperpigmentation, rosacea, sun damage, blood vessels, or cherry angiomas. BBL Laser Treatments are compatible with Fitzpatrick Skin Types I to IV. Clients with tan-to-dark complexions are not suitable candidates for BBL because broadband light targets melanin. At Elixir Aesthetics, we cater to all skin types and will recommend alternative skin rejuvenation treatments when indicated.

Most clients report very little discomfort with Sciton BBL treatments. Although not typically needed, topical anesthetic ointment is available on request. Please arrive at your appointment 30 minutes early for numbing cream.

Pigmentation changes, excessive swelling, burns, scarring, infection, and prolonged redness are rare in the hands of an experienced aesthetic provider. Our team pursues ongoing training and education to ensure the safest possible laser and energy treatments.

Investment for BroadBand Light Treatments varies based on the area to be treated and the expected number of sessions required. During your consultation at Elixir Aesthetics, your provider will talk about the various investment and package choices available to you. Prices for individual treatments begin at $250-$600.

At Elixir Aesthetics, we believe that beauty is not created but cultivated. We offer thoughtful care using approaches based on biology to highlight the gorgeous hues, textures, and contours that make up you. Our highly-experienced providers merge artistry with science to activate your skin’s hidden potential and summon your inner glow. Discover the path to better skin by booking your first appointment today. We look forward to helping you uncover your most radiant self.

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